The Truth About Food Stamps

Jim Wallis and Lisa Sharon Harper of Sojourners join Terri Acker, a current SNAP recipient, to discuss the importance of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. 

Roles: Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Videographer, Editor, Director, Sound


#FaithfulFilibuster: A Vigil for the Poor

Sojourners President Jim Wallis outlines the significance of Sojourners' #FaithfulFilibuster campaign outside the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. during the government shutdown.

Roles: Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Videographer, Editor, Director, Sound


On God's Side Book Trailer

New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Wallis discusses the themes of his latest book, On God's Side.

Roles: Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Videographer, Editor, Director, Sound


Interfaith Gun Violence Prayer Vigil

Sojourners' Jim Wallis, PICO's Michael McBride, and other religious leaders led a multi-faith prayer vigil to remember all those who have lost their lives to gun violence and call for gun violence reduction legislation. A display of more than 3,300 crosses and other religious symbols on the National Mall served as the backdrop of the vigil.

Roles: Writer, Co-Producer, Videographer, Editor, Director, Sound


The District Church Advent Fundraising Appeal

Wrote, recorded sound, edited, and also shot a few of the frames for this fundraising appeal for the 2013 Advent season at the District Church in Washington, D.C.

Roles: Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Videographer, Editor, Director, Sound


A Tribute to Vincent Harding

A tribute I put together in memory of Vincent Harding (1931-2014), a long-time friend of Sojourners, a historian, and a scholar. The video was played at the Summit, Sojourners' annual leadership gathering for faith-based social justice voices.

Roles: Writer, Producer, Editor


Sojo Stories: Branches

Our friends Branches trekked all the way from California and stopped by the Sojourners office in D.C. to play a couple of their songs during their East Coast tour! Their songs explore the ideas of doubt, faith, loneliness, love, and above all, hope for life as it was meant to be.

Roles: Producer, Videographer, Editor


Sojo Stories: Jeremy Scahill

Sojourners sits down with The Nation Magazine's National Security Correspondent Jeremy Scahill on his book and documentary Dirty Wars and the moral implications of drone warfare.

Roles: Videographer and Editor


Sojo Stories: The Preemptive Love Coalition

At the Justice Conference I had the chance to sit down with Jeremy Courtney, cofounder of the Preemptive Love Coalition, and tell the story of his work in Iraq providing heart surgery for children.

Roles: Co-Producer, Co-Videographer, Editor